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Herbicide Spray Application

Weed Control Spraying

At A & B Aquatics, we provide aquatic management for all types of native and nuisance aquatic vegetation by using chemicals & herbicides that are EPA approved and environmentally friendly. These chemicals are not harmful to the fish and wildlife that live throughout our beautiful waterways. Our certified and licensed technicians use several application methods when applying the herbicides. We will work closely with you to determine the best method of treatment for your property.

Airboat spraying is optimal for covering large bodies of water such as:

  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Rivers
  • Canals

We use an Argo for hard to reach areas

Weed Control Spraying Service

An Argo is an amphibious vehicle that is neighborhood friendly and can be used on land or in water without damaging the shoreline or grass.
The use of this specialized equipment makes it easy to service the needs of our customers, from large lakes to small ponds!


Monday - Friday, 9AM - 6PM

Monday - Friday, 9AM - 6PM

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