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What Our Customers Say

A&B Aquatics was the incumbent. I bought a piece of property that had a beautiful dock and some lakeside maintenance performed by a company I had never met. So, I agreed to visit with the owner and give them a chance.

Two minutes into my first meeting with Aaron Jackson, I was thoroughly convinced that this was a man I could trust with the myriad of tasks that he is now performing for us. From building boat ramps, to dock construction, to a complete overhaul of a two acre wetlands mess; A&B has been spectacular in their communication, honesty and flexibility.

To add to the complexity of the work he had to perform on my property, we had a neighbor that felt compelled to call weekly to the EPC “alerting” them to possible violations. Well, A&B’s 15 year track record of never getting a violation is in tact, because he made sure up front that every possible permit and eventuality was covered. These weekly EPC visits only served to further cement the incredible reputation Aaron has with this organization.

It is without reservation that I would recommend Aaron and his team for whatever job you may need done. Honest, timely and dependable. A true vendor partner.

Paul Sickmon

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