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Shoreline restoration orlando

Welcome to A & B Aquatics, where we have Orlando shoreline restoration experts on our staff that are ready to enhance and protect the body of water on your property.

A & B Aquatics has been an industry leader since opening for business back in 2003. We provide comprehensive aquatic management of lakes, ponds, canals and rivers. We’re your one-stop shop for all aquatic needs — from our role as one of the leading Orlando erosion control companies, to algae control, fountain installation and so much more.

Experience the benefits of our shoreline restoration in Orlando FL

Over time, the water in your pond, lake or river can eat away at the bank, leaving you without a discernible shoreline. Erosion can introduce pollutants into your water, which can disrupt the delicate ecosystem, leaving your shoreline overgrown and inaccessible..

A & B Aquatics has been an industry leader in erosion control companies in Orlando FL. 

Our experienced team will:

  • Evaluate and Restore: Shorelines can be tough to use when overgrown with native and nuisance plants. Our Orlando shoreline restoration team will clear away the dense vegetation, installing sand and replacing sod or rip-rap, reinforcing the ground and creating a safe and accessible shoreline once again
  • Beautify and Preserve: As one of the most comprehensive Orlando erosion control companies, we will take steps to beautify your shoreline, making it both aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. Your safety and complete satisfaction is our top priority.

All this starts with a free consultation and estimate from our staff. Get started by talking to our Orlando shoreline restoration crew. We’re ready to provide you with the helpful insight to solve your erosion issue.

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