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Lake cleaning orlando

Are you in search of an Orlando lake cleaning company? If you have a lake, pond or canal on your property, then you should contact the experienced and knowledgeable staff here at A & B Aquatics.

Our staff works diligently with commercial and residential clients, providing competitively priced and highly effective Orlando lake treatment. We develop comprehensive plans that fit the unique needs of each of our clients’ waterfront properties.

Why choose A & B and our lake treatment in Orlando FL?

We are the only one-stop aquatic business available that not only provides lake cleaning in Orlando FL, but also provides industry-leading service in fountain sales and repair, herbicide application, maintenance programs and shoreline erosion control.

  • A & B Aquatics will handle all of your aquatic maintenance needs. From lake algae control in Orlando FL, to vegetation removal, water testing, sediment analysis, pumps, aeration systems and more — we cover it all.
  • The technicians that administer our Orlando lake cleaning and maintenance are highly trained and experienced. This extensive knowledge allows us to identify, and address, even the most complex issues.
  • A & B Aquatics offers competitive, straightforward pricing and professional Orlando lake treatment services. We are not only proud to provide service that gets results, but we offer a positive, convenient experience along the way. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is a testament to our commitment to great service.

A & B Aquatics prides itself in Orlando lake algae control and maintenance. In business since 2003; A & B Aquatics is an industry leader in aquatic management.

We’re ready to provide you with an Orlando lake cleaning service that will transform your unappealing lake that is overrun with algae and vegetation. Get started now by scheduling your free consultation and estimate. Turn your lake or pond into an aesthetically pleasing oasis.

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