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Aquatic lake weed removal orlando

Spruce up your pond or lake by working with the professional and friendly Orlando aquatic weed removal staff at A & B Aquatics. Our staff specializes in the removal of native and nuisance aquatic vegetation.

Through eco-friendly lake herbicide spray in Orlando FL, we are effectively able to manage this vegetation without disrupting or threatening the ecosystem within your body of water. Our Orlando pond herbicide spray methods will clear away excessive vegetation, which will provide a variety of benefits.

  • Native and nuisance vegetation can overcrowd a pond or lake and make it look like a swampy mess. With our aquatic weed removal in Orlando FL, we will turn your property into an oasis to be enjoyed for years to come..
  • Certain vegetation can throw off the ecosystem in your water, threatening aquatic wildlife. A & B Aquatics will apply our Orlando lake herbicide spray to your pond or lake controlling the nuisance aquatic vegetation and improving the over-all water quality.
  • Do you need access to your pond or lake for activities such as catch-and-release fishing or boating? Our pond herbicide spray in Orlando FL will leave you with a body of water that is easily accessible, instead of being over crowded with dense vegetation.

The team members that handle our Orlando aquatic weed removal are highly experienced and knowledgeable. They use EPA-approved herbicides that won’t be harmful to the environment. We work closely with the EPC and FWC adhering to strict state, county and environmental guidelines.

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