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Lake Cleaning oldsmar

The knowledgeable and experienced Oldsmar lake cleaning technicians at A & B Aquatics are ready to provide your residential or commercial property with the care that it needs.

Many people think that they should just let nature run its course. The truth is, all types of bodies of water — especially man-made — require regular maintenance to detur the algae growth and  harmful vegetation overgrowth. A & B Aquatics provides Oldsmar lake treatment that covers these issues, and many more.

Comprehensive services for your lake’s needs

At A & B Aquatics we pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for not only lake algae control in Oldsmar FL, but several other services as well. You can rely on our team for:

  • Chemical and herbicide spray application. This can be an effective form of Oldsmar lake algae control. With eco-friendly and safe chemicals, you can correct numerous problems that might be disrupting the ecosystem in your lake.
  • Aeration can also be partnered with a spray maintenance program to combat the formation of algae. Let A & B Aquatics Oldsmar lake treatment team help you explore an option best suited to your lake’s individual needs.
  • Fish stocking. Replenishing your lake with fish is advantageous for a variety of reasons. It’s a great form of lake cleaning in Oldsmar FL, as fish help control the algae while taking care of mosquitoes and other pests. Plus, it makes for fun catch-and-release fishing!

Our technicians provide lake treatment in Oldsmar FL that monitors your lake so that it is properly cared for all year round.

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