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Aquatic Lake Weed removal lutz

Don’t let nuisance or native vegetation grow out of control in your pond or lake — instead, rely on the leader in Lutz aquatic weed removal. A & B Aquatics has been providing this very important service for residential and commercial clients since opening for business in 2003.

We use a lake herbicide spray in Lutz FL that is safe for the environment — in fact, it is EPA-approved. We use an Argo for weeds and vegetation that are hard to reach with our Lutz pond herbicide spray. An Argo is an amphibious vehicle that allows us to service an entire body of water, reaching even the most difficult areas.

Experience the benefits of aquatic weed removal in Lutz FL

Having aquatic vegetation in, and around, your body of water can be advantageous, but when it grows out of control, you can run into a number of problems. With consistent treatment with our highly effective Lutz lake herbicide spray, you are able to:

  • Maintain a body of water that is visually appealing. Our pond herbicide spray in Lutz FL helps control nuisance overgrowth that can turn your body of water into a swampy mess. Ask us about aquascaping your shoreline.
  • Make your lake or pond accessible for activities like canoeing, fishing, boating and more. Our Lutz aquatic weed removal allows you to enjoy the water without having to wade through unwanted vegetation overgrowth.
  • Enhance the habitat for fish while reducing mosquitos. These are just a couple of benefits that come with our lake herbicide spray in Lutz FL. You’ll be able to sustain a healthy fish population while getting rid of unwanted pests. Mosquitos love wet areas with thick vegetation. Call A & B Aquatics today to start reaping the many benefits our services can offer.

In addition to Lutz aquatic weed removal, A & B Aquatics specializes in comprehensive aquatic maintenance and care. We are a one-stop shop for all aquatic services. Let us know what you need by connecting with our team right now. We offer free consultations and estimates!

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