Professional Lakefront Cleaning Services
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Lakefront Cleaning Services

Your lake or large pond provides you with the ideal place to escape and lets all your concerns dissipate away, allowing you to unwind in peace. But if you haven’t practiced regular lake maintenance or large pond management over the years, your lake front property will be filled with weeds, algae and other pollutants.

A & B Aquatics offers professional lakefront cleaning, large pond management and lake canal cleaning which can transform your property completely and restore it to its original condition. We will remove all nuisance aquatic vegetation and shrubbery on your property, so that it is clean and looks as pretty as a picture.

Maintaining your lake or pond also keeps your family safe from harmful pathogens and minimizes the buildup of toxic gases. Many lakes have duck weed which can ruin the appearance of your lake and create a hazard on your property.

Our Lakefront Cleanup Will Restore the Beauty to Your Lake or Pond!

The professional aquatic technicians at A & B Aquatics have been cleaning, renovating and maintaining lakefront properties for years and can transform your lakefront into a little slice of heaven that you can enjoy for years to come.

We can make your dreamy lakefront property even dreamier with our professional lakefront cleaning and lakefront maintenance services. Everyone wants a beautiful lakefront view and if you are lucky enough to own lakefront property, you must invest in its maintenance. It is important for your overall water quality to keep your lake well maintained.
This will allow you to enjoy your private paradise for years to come. Call us today for a lake maintenance and cleaning program!


We offer professional lakefront cleaning, using only the best equipment. We have more than 15 years of experience in lakefront cleaning and pond maintenance services. It can be easy to overlook lakefront maintenance, especially with today’s hectic schedules.

A & B Aquatics highly trained personnel will provide you with a lake shore view that will enhance your property value for years to come.

Selling your property? We strongly recommend cleaning your lakefront prior to listing your property. Let the professionals at A & B Aquatics offer you lakefront cleaning services such as debris removal & clean up or if you prefer, an aquatic herbicide spray application. Let the experts to handle the dirty work!

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