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Get Rid Off Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation

We offer both manual and mechanical removal of nuisance aquatic vegetation.  This process is known as “de-rooting”.   Removal of the vegetation will restore your property, transforming your waterway and making it more aesthetically pleasing and ecologically friendly by providing a natural habitat for native fish and wildlife.

Manual removal is performed by “manually” pulling the vegetation out of the water by its root system.  Mechanical removal is the same process; however, it is performed by use of an excavator or similar type of machinery.  There are variables to be considered when using machinery and our extremely experienced Estimator will discuss the best removal method for your individual waterway.  The over-all integrity of your property is our number one priority when deciding the best removal process.

De-rooting the nuisance aquatic vegetation is the most environmentally friendly way to control aquatic vegetation. The results are instantaneous ~ “Here Today and Gone Tomorrow!”.

Choosing the de-rooting method vs. an herbicide spray method, you will eliminate the decomposing process that causes more dead vegetation, resulting in unwanted sediment (muck) that will drop & settle on the bottom of your lake or pond.



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Monday - Friday, 9AM - 6PM

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