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Aquatic lake weed removal dade city

If your pond, lake or other body of water is becoming overrun with nuisance or native aquatic vegetation, then we invite you to bring in the Dade City aquatic weed removal experts at A & B Aquatics.

Open for business since 2003, we have worked closely with a wide range of clients, administering an environmentally approved lake herbicide spray in Dade City.

Don’t waste precious time hoping that the problem will go away — instead, bring in our Dade City pond herbicide spray technicians to take care of the problem for you.

Why aquatic weed removal in Dade City FL is so important

Vegetation in a pond or lake can be a welcome addition. However, when that vegetation starts growing out of control, it can knock off the delicate balance of your water’s ecosystem.

At A & B Aquatics, we not only have access to high-powered, EPA-approved Dade City lake herbicide spray, but we have an extensive knowledge of nuisance and native plants. Understanding each plant, and their tendencies, allows us to develop a treatment plan that is going to yield the best results.

With our pond herbicide spray in Dade City FL, we are able to stifle the growth of aggressive vegetation, which can lead to a better habitat for fish and a better looking body of water.

A & B is your one-stop shop for all manners of aquatic care

Our technicians offer more than just Dade City aquatic weed removal, although, this is an important phase in maintaining a healthy body of water. A & B Aquatics is home to comprehensive water management, tending to all of your needs — from algae control to installing components such as pumps, aeration systems and fountains.

We’re dedicated to putting resources, like our lake herbicide spray in Dade City FL, in place in order to provide our residential and commercial clients with a body of water that adds real value to their properties.

Get started now with a free consultation and estimate. We’d love to talk to you more about our Dade City aquatic weed removal!

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