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Get professional Brooksville lake cleaning and maintenance by working with the team at A & B Aquatics. In business since 2003, A & B has proudly stood as a leading resource for Brooksville lake treatment.

Treating ponds and lakes of all sizes

If your residential or commercial property has a lake on it, it’s important to be proactive about the care it receives. There are a number of issues that, if not controlled, could ruin the look, quality and health of your lake.

Our team at A & B Aquatics provides everything from lake algae control in Brooksville FL to controlling invasive and potentially harmful aquatic vegetation. Some of this vegetation can be incredibly aggressive and threaten the delicate balance of your lake’s ecosystem.

When removing this nuisance aquatic vegetation via our lake cleaning in Brooksville FL, many clients opt to derooting the vegetation rather than killing it through herbicide application. This approach to lake treatment in Brooksville FL is beneficial for a few reasons.

  • Pulling unwanted vegetation from the root system is the best way to ensure that it stays away. We can perform this either manually or mechanically.
  • When using herbicides to eliminate unwanted vegetation during your Brooksville lake cleaning, it can lead to excessive muck and sediment as the plants decompose.
  • The removal of nuisance vegetation from their roots is also environmentally friendlier than using herbicides. With our Brooksville lake treatment, your lake’s over-all water quality is our top concern.

Lean on A & B Aquatics for Brooksville lake algae control and more

We can care for your lake all year round, whether that consists of monthly, quarterly or semi-annually visits from our crews. Our highly trained staff will work with you to develop a plan suited to your property’s individual needs. 

As leaders in Brooksville lake cleaning, we will make sure that the quality of your lake is in pristine condition all year long.

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