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Welcome to the home of complete Brooksville aquatic weed removal. The team at A & B Aquatics is ready to work on your lake, pond, retention pond and canal to effectively remove both nuisance and native aquatic vegetation.

With EPA-approved lake herbicide spray in Brooksville FL, we’re able to deliver the knockout blow to nuisance vegetation. In addition to our Brooksville pond herbicide spray, we use a special vehicle called an Argo to address hard-to-reach vegetation.

This is a vehicle that can travel on both land and water, giving us the capability to provide you with comprehensive aquatic weed removal in Brooksville FL!

Trust the knowledge of our Brooksville lake herbicide spray experts

It’s important to have a plan before applying pond herbicide spray in Brooksville FL. You don’t want to do something that will hurt the delicate ecosystem of your water.

That’s why working with the Brooksville aquatic weed removal experts at A & B Aquatics is so beneficial. Our technicians have decades of combined knowledge and experience. We put this extensive knowledge of native and nuisance aquatic vegetation to work for you.

We are methodical in our approach to identifying and removing vegetation so that your water does not become overrun with unwanted growth.

Learn more about our lake herbicide spray in Brooksville FL

We welcome you to consult with our team. We can come to your property to provide you with a free evaluation, consultation and estimate. Put our Brooksville aquatic weed removal service to work for you! We can promise you results in the form of a clean, aesthetically pleasing and healthy body of water.

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