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lakefront cleaning company Odessa FLA & B Aquatics was founded in 2003 by Aaron Jackson.  For the last 15 years, A & B Aquatics has been a leader in the aquatic maintenance & management business.  Today A & B Aquatics is proud to service residential, commercial & business, property management and government accounts throughout the state of Florida.  We owe our success to our professional, highly trained and extremely friendly staff.  Our client’s complete satisfaction is our top priority.   Our goal is to provide you with a waterway that is not only aesthetically pleasing but to keep it ecologically friendly thus protecting Florida’s natural resources.

Going Above & Beyond, treating all of our clients with the utmost respect, providing excellent & reliable service with successful results has kept us in the forefront of the aquatic management industry.

Aquatic plants are an important element to any aquatic ecosystem, whether it is a pond, lake, canal, river, reservoir or any other waterway.   However when aquatic plants begin to flourish, they can become invasive and may affect water activities negatively.  It is then that these plants become a nuisance.  We specialize in aquatic weed and algae control by using methods such as:  Manual and/or Mechanical removal and Herbicide Spray Application as well as Fish Stocking.

The first step in controlling unwanted weed growth in your pond or lake is to identify the type of plants you are dealing with and develop a plan for their removal. Let the experts at A & B Aquatics provide you with a customized aquatic solution based on the specific needs of waterway.

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Trained, Licensed, and Fully Insured

Our licensed, certified and highly trained aquatic experts will provide your lake, pond, canal and wetland area with the best aquatic solution in order to maintain its beauty, health and overall water integrity.  We continuously strive to develop the best maintenance programs customized to each individual client to control aquatic vegetation while keeping in compliance with EPC (Environmental Protection Committee) and FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Committee).

Our Spray Technicians are fully licensed by the State of Florida as 
Professional Aquatic Herbicide Applicators.

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Two minutes into my first meeting with Aaron Jackson, I was thoroughly convinced that this was a man I could trust with the myriad of tasks that he is now performing for us.
Paul Sickmon
A&B Aquatics was the incumbent. I bought a piece of property that had a beautiful dock and some lakeside maintenance performed by a company I had never met. So, I agreed to visit with the owner and give them a chance.
C.S. Lewis
It is without reservation that I would recommend Aaron and his team for whatever job you may need done. Honest, timely and dependable. A true vendor partner.
Paul Sickmon

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